The Chef

Dmitry Shcherbakov
The brand-chef of the panoramic restaurant "Bering"

The mastery of the chef was honed in the leading restaurants of St. Petersburg and in the large suburban hotels of the Leningrad Region. Dmitry directs the creation and elaboration of the main menu, technological maps, branded and author's dishes, desserts and home beverages, taking into account the specifics and peculiarities of the institution. Gastronomic delights, for which the restaurant "Bering" and guests of the hotel, and demanding gourmets, and organizers of banquets and conferences are so fond of - an edible embodiment of Dmitry's creative ideas.

Nikita Sechin
Chef of the restaurant La Vue

Professional way started 12 years ago from the position of a waiter in one of the restaurants of the city. He mastered the first cooking knowledge, working as an assistant on a cruise liner (Finland, Sweden, Estonia) under the leadership of Alexander Belkovich (Chief Ginza Project), after 8 months he got the place of a sous-chef. Continuing to develop his skills, Nikita became a chef in a well-known restaurant holding. The solo career of the chef Nikita began with the restaurant La Vue.