Charging station for electric vehicles

Charging station for electric vehicles

Saint Peterburg Hotel pays great attention to use modern technologies and care for the environment. A 50 kW fast charging station ZEVS for electric cars is installed in the parking area in front of the Hotel.

The chain of ZEVS stations uses the equipment of the Swedish-Swiss company ABB.

The model of the ZEVS station at Saint Petersburg Hotel: ABB Terra 54 CJG.

Power: 50 DC + 43 AC.

Charging Cable Connector Types: CHAdeMO, CCS2, Type-2 cable.

Charging at the ZEVS stations is carried out through the mobile application ZEVS App, which is available in the App Store and Google Play. To start charging will be enough to download the application using the QR code on the station.

The charging of the electronic cars is paid service; information about prices and additional options (booking charging sessions, etc.) available via application.

Parking for an electric car while charging is free.

For user’s support and problem-solving use Telegram-bot: @zevscharger_bot

For more information about charging electric car, please contact the Hotel Reception or call: +7 (812) 380-19-19



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