Beauty and Health

Beauty and Health

Beauty Institute is a modern high-technology clinic of plastic surgery and esthetic medicine which was opened in August 2016.

The total area of the clinic is more than 1,500 m2 including a high-technology surgery block consisting of 3 operating rooms, 12 deluxe chambers with panoramic views of the Neva river and the legendary Aurora cruiser, as well as an esthetic medicine unit having the newest equipment.

Beauty Institute doctors are high-level professionals who truly love their job. We deal with health and beauty that is why our team is formed by the specialists who give much consideration to the professional ethics issues, who grow professionally and incessantly improve their skills and gain new knowledge.

Our equipment stock comprises famous traditional apparatus, as well as the newest units presented in Russia for the first time. The clinic complies with all the global and Russian standards as confirmed by the licenses available.

The plastic surgery unit of Beauty Institute is a professional team of practicing surgeons. The clinic doctors participate and present papers at congresses and profile workshops in Russia and abroad.

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